Goat Kid Pricing

All doelings and select purebred bucklings identified for sale are disbudded before they are 10 days old.Wethers are castrated before they are 7 days old and are typically not disbudded.If you prefer to have a horned doeling or buckling or a disbudded wether,please let us know early on,and we will be happy to accommodate your request.我们问,however,that the full price of the kid be paid up front for these special arrangements.




Purebred Bucklings

2 wks to 4wks 90美元 $60 $110 $50
4 wks to weaning $175 $100 $200 $75
weaning to 5 mos $300 $200 $350 $125
5 mos to breeding $400 $270 $475

All kids sold include:

  1. A dose of BoSe administered at birth.Up-to-date CDT vaccinations.

  2. Disbudding for doelings and select purebred bucklings,除非另有要求。Disbudding for wethers upon request.

  3. Tattooing (in accordance with ADGA) upon request.

  4. Relevant ADGA registration paperwork.

  5. CAE testing if older than 6 months.

To ask questions or make a reservation:Please send an email torhonda@asgaard亚搏彩票app下载farm.comor call our office at 518-647-5754.We are happy to send pictures and provide pedigree information.A $50 deposit will guarantee your kid reservations.

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